ECL offers a full range of environmental consulting services.

Environmental Site Assessments- ECL Phase I ESAs exceed the ASTM standard. We have never used inexperienced field people to do the site reconnaissance on a
Phase I ESA. This makes it easy for us to meet the US EPA All Appropriate Inquiry (AAI) and ASTM E1527-05 standard for environmental professionals. Our work has
been accepted by the SBA as well as almost all banks.

We have experience at a variety of types of facilities. From residential developments to 800 acre soybean fields to 100+ acre industrial sites, we understand the
processes that result in environmental impact! We will bring all our experience to every project.

Asbestos - ECL is trained and licensed to perform asbestos assessments and prepare asbestos O&M/Management plans. Whether it be a predemolition
asbestos/hazardous materials assessment as part of a real estate due diligence transaction, we can help.

Underground Storage Tank management/closure/assessment/remediation - Our experience ranges from cleaning up a residential basement and surrounding soils
after a release from a UST filled with heating oil to a million dollar remediation project at a high profile shopping mall. We understand the regulatory process and
will challenge the regulators to come up with the most cost effective investigative and/or remedial approach while ensuring that human health and the environment
are protected. We also help owners with day-to-day management of their UST systems. We can handle everything from annual permitting and testing scheduling, etc.
to setting up a system for the owner to do it efficiently. We know the systems, contractors and regulations.

Soil and groundwater assessment and remediation - ECL can mobilize drill rigs, GeoProbes®, hand augers or whatever other technology may be appropriate to get the
samples to properly characterize a site. We can lay out a grid, drill enough holes and collect adequate soil and/or groundwater samples to characterize site
conditions at a corner gas station in less than a day. We can also use the results of a Phase I ESA at a complex site to design an investigation that
we know is
cheaper than many of our competitors while still getting the data needed to make meaningful decisions about risk exposure or even remediation costs.

Permitting - Environmental permitting is about reading and understanding the regulations, negotiating with the regulators and understanding the client's needs.
These are all strengths of ECL. We know that some of our reports and permit application submitted to regulatory agencies get passed around as examples of how it
should be done. Many regulators will accept our reports electronically and provide comments on those submittals without going through a process of letter writing.

Hazardous Material and Environmental Emergency Response - ECL has assembled a network of contractors and consultants to respond to environmental emergencies
whether it is in a warehouse, factory, over-the-road, or at a remote site. We particularly welcome the challenge of responding to remote sites, such as wireless
communications facilities. The difference between calling ECL and a contractor is the project management. We offer professional project management services and
documentation that will help you get quick response from your insurer and the regulatory agency. And our project management charges will likely be less than those
of a contractor.

Mold/IAQ - ECL understands that mold cannot be controlled or remediated in the indoor environment until water intrustion is stopped. Our mold assessment
services include helping identifying where the water is coming from and then working with contractors to ensure that it is stopped. Only then will we help get rid of
the mold.

Vibration assessment/monitoring - ECL has measured vibrations (seismic movement) in residences and compared those results to published limits to assess the
effects of various industrial and commercial operations. We can help with construction related monitoring and other similar services.

These are just some of the services that ECL offers. We have helped clients with landfill investigations and permitting, constructed and installed secondary
containment and alarm systems around generators and even helped clean out mobile generator fuel tanks between concerts.

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